Our process is your process. Our goal is to be an extension of your compliance system, not an arbitrary outside party that compares your controls to a checklist without room for thought or nuance. We want to help you feel confident about the controls you have in place and enable you to be the best version of yourselves.

We will

Ask great questions

Provide clear guidance

Share our knowledge

Be transparent

Continue to improve based on your feedback and specific needs

We won’t

Ask you to fill out a lengthy questionnaire

Staff your engagement with a rotating cast of inexperienced auditors that don’t understand your system or your company

Set unclear expectations and constantly shift requirements

Share request lists that only seem to grow through long emails and confusing spreadsheets

Use a standard list of “auditor requirements” that must be met

We’ll take what you’ve built and integrate our common sense approach to support you as you grow and gain confidence in your security program.

Our system is designed to honor the flexibility provided by SOC reporting and to help you build and maintain a security program that makes sense for you.

A series of circles with MJD in the middle with lines out to other circles containing popular applications logs signifying MJD's ability to integrate with these applications.
A series of circles with MJD in the middle and lines out to other circles containing popular app logos signifying the integrations MJD is able to make.
We leverage and celebrate the tools you use, and our software knowledge allows us to integrate your internal systems and compliance platform into your project.
Our process has three steps: plan, test, report.

Our approach is designed with simplicity and collaboration in mind and we use a modern toolset for a smooth experience. The steps in our process are clear, but how long it takes to get there and where we focus our attention is up to you.