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What if a CPA firm could make compliance feel simple, intuitive, and engaging?

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MJD Advisors was founded with a simple idea:

Information security compliance doesn't need to be complex or unpredictable. We set out to solve three problems.


Compliance is too complicated.

Our niche expertise and common sense approach allows us to simplify the process and provide clear guidance.


Clients need guides, not adversaries.

Our system is designed to enhance yours. We will provide suggestions and potential solutions, but we understand you are best positioned to make operational decisions.


Compliance professionals haven’t evolved.

We embrace the compliance automation movement and design systems that build on those tools with a focused service approach.

We specialize in System and Organization Control (SOC) and related reports...

in fact, it’s pretty much all we do, which provides us scale to build systems and customer experiences tailored to your needs.

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Our deep experience and attention to detail...

makes your life easier and enables us to serve our global clients with an agile and iterative approach.

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A series of circles with MJD in the middle with lines out to other circles containing popular applications logs signifying MJD's ability to integrate with these applications.
A series of circles with MJD in the middle and lines out to other circles containing popular app logos signifying the integrations MJD is able to make.
We leverage and celebrate the tools you use, and our software knowledge allows us to integrate your internal systems and compliance platform into your project.

Everything you know about audits and compliance is changing

Throughout history, the prevailing narrative surrounding compliance has been one of necessity, not choice, and audits are approached with a sense of inevitability rather than opportunity.


Here’s what we’re thinking about, writing about, and reading about. We hope you find it helpful.

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About Us

We will consult and collaborate with you; there will be no “gotcha moments” and no questions left unanswered. Our best projects are with clients that take ownership of the security program so we can recommend best practices, perform efficient procedures, and do our best to stay out of the way.

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MJD Advisors was founded in 2021 to reimagine the entire compliance process and how you experience it.
We are proud to work with amazing clients around the world and look forward to expanding our global footprint.
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We can tell you we’re different, but we hope you feel the difference in every interaction you have with our team. Here’s what some of our clients have said after working with us.